Sell Your House in Denver – The Basic Steps of a Real Estate Transaction

Sell Your House in Denver – The Basic Steps of a Real Estate Transaction

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If you are looking to invest in a home or looking to sell your house fast Denver shows no signs of slowing down in terms of the housing market. That said, whether you are buying or selling, it is important to understand the real estate transaction process clearly. It is essential to avoid shortcuts and pay careful attention to details, especially if you are putting your home up for sale by owner in Denver. Misunderstanding any aspect of the deal can change everything.

Review Property Information

When you are looking to sell your house Denver has many enticing options. However, it is important to remove the emotional factor out of your decision-making process. At the end of the day you need to consider:

  • Improvements
  • ROI
  • Inspection results
  • The market

You need to assess concrete costs associated with bringing the home to a liveable state, or where you desire it to be. Hire a contractor to do the estimates if needed. Don’t pay more than the market calls for.

Consider If The Seller Is Motivated

A motivated owner who wants to sell home fast will give you the best deal. Issues like foreclosures, employment changes, and divorce can benefit you. Look for clues to determine whether the seller is looking to sell quickly or if they are taking their time. On the flip side, if a seller does not seem very motivated to sell, you will likely have less leverage during negotiation.

Financing Options

Determine how much, if any, financing you will need. If you have the capital or hard money, sellers can be motivated to sell for less in exchange for a quicker closing. If you need financing, have it in place prior to submitting an offer. There is only a 30 to 45-day window to close. Your offer will be rejected if you are not prepared.

Make a Pragmatic Offer

The amount of your offer should be based on a few factors:

  • Seller motivation
  • Market demand
  • Market comps

The more demand the property has, the closer you will want your offer to be to the asking price. Never start too high though, as it is hard to lower your offer once it is on the table. Don’t linger, if your offer is turned down move on.


After a Denver house sale, a certified inspector should be next on your contact list. Never skip the inspection as it opens you up to higher risk. Be prompt getting all your loan items to your lender. Also, it would be wise to secure a competent real estate attorney. Remember the deal is not done until everyone has signed. Try to create a climate for closing that is swift and efficient. Read everything and know when to be hands-on and when to scale back your involvement. Be ready to protect your own interests and mitigate your losses.

We Buy Houses Denver

No matter what your situation is and no matter the condition of your home, we can help you sell your home Denver. If you are looking to sell your house fast in Denver, Yellow Brick Walk today at (720) 600-4669.

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