Denver News: This $400M Proposed Condo Tower Aims To Be Mile-High City’s Tallest & New Iconic Building; Details Here

Posted by Christon Ligon // November 29, 2017 // Denver / Featured // Brit Probst / Carlos Ott / condo tower / Denver real estate news / Denver's tallest building / Greenwich Realty Capital / Michael Ursini / Six Fifty 17 / Stephen Drew.

Denver skyline is hoping to add its tallest building ever.

It’s “100 percent going forward.” That is if Michael Ursini and his team at Greenwich Realty Capital (GRC) will have their way. But first, the New York City-based real estate investment firm would have to hurdle Denver City’s approval processes in their hopes of realizing the construction of this proposed $400M iconic tower that will stand […]

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7 Best Neighborhoods In Denver For Families

Posted by Christon Ligon // November 22, 2017 // Denver / Featured // Centennial / Denver neighborhoods / Golden / Greenwood Village / Highlands Ranch / Lone Tree / Parker / Washington Park

The best neighborhoods in Denver to raise a family.

So, what makes a community great for families? Well, for one, it has to be a safe haven conducive to peaceful living with a low crime index. It has to offer affordable housing and has access to quality healthcare. It also has to be replete with good schools and in close proximity to commercial establishments […]

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How To Sell Your House Denver & Make The Most Money

Posted by Christon Ligon // November 15, 2017 // Denver / Featured / Sell A House // home selling / National Association of Realtors (NAR) / Sell Your House Denver

How to make the most money selling your home.

If you are a home seller, the only thing better than finding a taker for the property you listed in the market is actually getting someone to buy your house while maximizing your profit out of it in the process. And yes, there are some ways you can try to optimize your earning potential as […]

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8 Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Improve Curb Appeal & Attract Home Buyers

Posted by Christon Ligon // November 8, 2017 // Denver / Featured / Sell A House // DIY home improvement ideas / Home Improvement Tips / how to attract homebuyers / how to improve curb appeal

Ramp up your curve appeal with these easy and inexpensive ways.

For some people trying to sell their home, it is easy to overlook the importance of creating a curb appeal that leaves a lasting impact, or appears inviting at the very least, on prospective buyers. The aesthetics or visual aspect of your home’s façade and front area could either beckon home buyers and make a […]

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Fewer Denver & Colorado Homeowners Have Underwater Mortgages; Tips On How To Avoid Having One

Posted by Christon Ligon // November 1, 2017 // Denver / Featured // CoreLogic / Denver homes / homeownership risks / how to avoid underwater mortgages / negative equity / underwater mortgages

Fewer mortgaged homes in Denver are underwater.

One of the financial risks of homeownership, especially among first-time buyers, is getting yourself caught up in an underwater mortgage. This happens when the balance you owe for your mortgage exceeds the current fair-market value of your property. In Denver, things are looking up as one research shows that the number of homeowners in Denver […]

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6 Telltale Signs It’s The Right Time To Sell Your Home

Posted by Christon Ligon // October 25, 2017 // Denver / Featured / Sell A House // best time to sell house / home selling / sell house

Signs it's time to sell your current home.

It’s easy to get cold feet when it comes to taking that major step towards selling your property and moving to a new place you can call your next home. You either got too attached to this one place you have lived in for quite a while and never really wanting to leave that comfort […]

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LOOK: This Is Where You Can Find The Most Homes For Sale By Owner Denver

Posted by Christon Ligon // October 18, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Featured // Denver housing market / Denver Metro cities with most homes in the market / Denver neighborhoods / For Sale By Owner Denver / homes for sale / hottest market in the US

Denver metro cities with the most homes for sale.

Recently, the Denver real estate market is experiencing a bit of a cool-down. The housing market is somehow veering away from its uber-tight atmosphere and intense competition, turning from surging costs of properties to finally seeing a reduction of home prices for sale by owner Denver. The average home price is down by 2.75% and […]

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How Much You Need To Earn To Afford A Median-Priced House In Denver?

Posted by Christon Ligon // October 11, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Featured // Denver housing market / Denver Metro Association of Realtors. / homeownership / most expensive metros / NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun / National Association of Realtors (NAR)

This is how much you need to earn to afford a median-priced home.

If you’re a young adult or couple trying hard to muster every inch of courage in you as you try to foray into that unfamiliar and daunting territory of home ownership, you kind of get that feeling that somehow the odds are stacked against you, especially in this tight Denver housing market where home prices […]

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7 Home Improvement Ideas To Help Boost Your Home Value

Posted by Christon Ligon // October 4, 2017 // Denver / Featured / Sell A House // boost home value / home improvement ideas / John Veneris / Kathy Partak / Nicole Persley

Home improvement tips to increase home value.

Not all home improvement ideas are created equal. It all depends on your budget and the amount of time you have before putting your home on the market. Whether it’s a facelift or a total makeover, the important thing is to make sure you get more bang for your buck with only the necessary upgrades. […]

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5 Reasons Why Taking A Piece Of Denver Real Estate Pie Is Great Investment

Posted by Christon Ligon // September 27, 2017 // Blog / Denver / Featured // 10 Best State Capitals To Live In this 2017 / Best Places to Live in the U.S. / Colorado / Denver / Ken Schroeppel / Kim Castro

The importance of location in real estate can not be overstressed.

“Location, location, location,” so goes the rather worn-out mantra of real estate people. But, this catchphrase is more than just some trite expression. Whether we place careful consideration for it or not, location factors into the value of a property. And for the most part, it’s the name of the game when it comes to […]

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