Using Social Media to Sell Your House Fast in Denver

Using Social Media to Sell Your House Fast in Denver

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Social media is a very effective way to sell your house fast in Denver by conveying information about the property between sellers and buyers. The Yellow Brick Walk, LLC is a professional real estate company that can help you. We use various social media platforms to promote real estate properties. Real estate companies maintain massive databases with information about properties, prices, contact details of sellers, the current selling trend, etc. Call us today at (720) 600-4669 for a consultation.

Facebook Pages 

A Facebook page can drive traffic to your real estate listing online ad. This communicates services you offer among friends and other visitors to your page. The Facebook page should look professional and contain attractive photos. Provide information about the home and your contact details.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to generate interest in your property by targeting potential buyers through the use of demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Blog and Home Buyers Waiting List

Create a blog to build a list of prospects in your area and drive traffic through your social media channels to your blog. Include a sign-up button at the top of your page to invite users to join your waiting list, boost your credibility and build your business.

Pinterest Local Groups

Pinterest marketing for realtors opens opportunities for using social media to drive traffic to real estate websites. Create local boards to market your property. Create or join a Pinterest real estate board dedicated to your community and pin attractive photos of the property to it.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest released an advertising platform and clicks are cheap. Pick 1 or 2 of the best images of your property and pay for clicks to a landing page that solicits opt-in email addresses from prospects (also known as a squeeze page).

YouTube Video Tours

YouTube video tours promote your property online. With an app like Magisto, you can make an interesting video comprising a mix of short clips. You need 100 views for the video to appear in Google searches. You can also market your video through a blog, Facebook page, email contacts, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts with an embedded video.

Twitter Cold Calling

To sell your house fast in Denver through Twitter, use scripted tweets to send to people who express an interest in your property.  

Twitter Local Hashtags

Create Twitter local hashtags with effective and relevant words to attract a following.

Google Plus

Whenever you post a real estate listing to a Google Plus page, it shows up almost instantly. Google indexes Google Plus postings faster than other data on the web.

Today, social media platforms play a major role in business promotion. They enable almost instant communication between sellers and buyers with comprehensive information and visuals.

Sell Your House Fast in Denver

We, the Yellow Brick Walk, LLC, buy houses with cash. We can offer you a quick and easy transaction. Call us today at (720) 600-4669 to see what we can do for you!

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