Should You Hire a Professional Home Stager?

Should You Hire a Professional Home Stager?

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A professional home stager is almost always a prerequisite if you want to sell your house fast and at the most favorable price.  After all, surveys have shown that about 90 percent of home buyers search the Internet and so the use of entreating photos can lure more people to visit your property.

The list below explains why you should hire a professional home stager.

They Help Sell Your Home Fast

Staged homes sold about 90 percent faster than unstaged homes listed on multiple listing services (MLS), according to a recent report released by the Real Estate Staging Association.  The difference was staggering: 41 days versus 184 days.

What does it mean to you if you sell fast?

Take note that homebuyers, individuals and property investors alike, are often spooked by homes with a long selling history, which many perceive as a red flag.  Or if not, they may haggle down the price with an adamant belief that this is the only way to minimize any risk they might take on.

Value Added Effects on Your Home

One survey has suggested that professionally staged properties on average sell 3 percent more than the anticipated price.  This may not come as a surprise since visually appealing homes attract buyers with more purchasing power.

Hiring a Home Stager Is Cost-Effective Plan

Some home sellers feel that one way to cut cost is to do away with a professional home stager.  However, this often leads to longer listing period, which may balloon to other problems such as reduced home price, higher maintenance cost (utility bills and other upkeep), and financial stress.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may simply ask your professional home stager to use your existing furniture and arrange them in a visually appealing manner.  This often involves just a one-time fee of around $800.  Or you may only stage the main rooms, or borrow just a few furniture and knick-knacks from your stager.

Simply put, professional home stagers can work within your budget.

They Are Professional Visual Creatures

With their extensive training and experience, they know how to showcase the property in the best way possible based on the features of your home, latest trends, conducive floor plan design, and target market (small family, multiple-household family, young family, yuppie, etc.).

Furthermore, they have an unlimited inventory of furniture that will enhance the best features of your home.  With this offer, you may even save money because you’re not forced to purchase new furnishings and knick-knacks just to make your property look visually appealing.

They Work with a Professional Network

Professional home stagers work with contractors, painters, landscapers, among many others who can give you special deals.  Without this professional network, you will be left to your own devices, which may cost you time and money.

You Have Time to Focus on More Important Things

All successful people have one thing in common: They know how to allocate certain tasks to free up their time and focus on more important issues, such as how to transition to their new life (or new home). If you hire a professional home stager, you also free yourself from the stress.

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