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5 Items That Impact Local Real Estate Markets

Posted by Danielle Civello // August 25, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House

It is easy to become misinformed by national real estate market reports.  However, it is important to remember real estate is a market that varies significantly on the local level.  If you are considering the Denver real estate market, you need to focus on the factors that influence it specifically.  Here are five items that impact local […]

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5 Tips To Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Posted by Danielle Civello // August 1, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House

In your work life or even your personal life, there may be many occasions where you need to negotiate effectively. However, negotiating is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people lack the confidence to negotiate, which can prove financially damaging when it comes to something such as buying or selling your house. Whether you are […]

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How to Find a Suitable Home Inspector

Posted by Danielle Civello // May 16, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House

When you are looking to sell your home fast Denver is an ideal market. As discussed in our Comprehensive Guide for Buyers and Sellers, a home inspection is a vital part of the sale of a home. It is good to know what needs to be inspected, and how to do it. But some may […]

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How to Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

Posted by Danielle Civello // May 9, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House

Shopping for a home for the first time can be overwhelming. Many first-time home buyers do not know what to expect and have no idea how to start their search for the perfect house. As our comprehensive guide states, it’s best for someone to get pre-approved for a home loan before they start house hunting […]

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Tips for Inspecting an HVAC System Before Selling or Buying a Home

Posted by Danielle Civello // May 2, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Contractors / Sell A House

The best way to sell your house quickly is to ensure your home is at its highest potential when you show it. That includes making sure all major repairs are in order. Having issues come up during a home inspection can hurt your bottom line, or worse – break a deal. Identifying maintenance issues prior […]

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Inspecting Your Roof – A Closer Look

Posted by Danielle Civello // April 25, 2018 // Blog / Buy A House / Sell A House

Roofing is important no matter what climate your home resides.  If you are looking to sell your house fast Denver buyers will be paying close attention to your property’s roof quality.  If your home looks as if it will need major repairs, such as roofing, your property’s value, and appeal will be greatly diminished. A […]

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9 Factors Affecting Home Values

Posted by Christon Ligon // February 14, 2018 // Buy A House / Denver // Amy Anderson / Foreclosed Properties / Home Resale Value / Randall Bell / Starbucks Effect

9 factors affecting home values.

We outline nine factors affecting your home’s value below. Remodeling & Upgrades Not all upgrades are not created equally. Kitchens and baths sell homes. Focus your remodeling dollars on areas that attract the largest number of buyers. Additionally, don’t over remodel your home for your neighborhood, because you’re unlikely to recoup your investment. Lastly, keep […]

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The Hidden Cost Of Home Ownership In Denver And Other Cities

Posted by Christon Ligon // December 20, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Featured // Denver / Hidden Cost Of Homeownership / Jenna Rogers / San Francisco / Svenja Gudellillow

The hidden cost of home ownership in the US today.

Some people love surprises. But for first-time home buyers, you may find yourself wary of unexpected and unpleasant costs that come with acquiring and owning your home. For the uninitiated, the cost of a home include the principal and interest — based on the property’s list price. Unfortunately, first-time home buyers eventually find out the […]

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10 Of The Most Common Mistakes First-Time Homebuyers Make

Posted by Christon Ligon // December 6, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Featured // buying a house / David Feldberg / David Tina / first-time homebuyers / Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors / homebuying mistakes

Mistakes first-time home buyers make.

It has always been a go-to escape for the fledglings to just chalk up every rookie mistake they make to experience. But, if you are a first-time homebuyer, fumbling your way into homeownership could be a bitter pill to swallow. Purchasing your first real estate property is a major life decision, and screwing it up […]

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LOOK: This Is Where You Can Find The Most Homes For Sale By Owner Denver

Posted by Christon Ligon // October 18, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Featured // Denver housing market / Denver Metro cities with most homes in the market / Denver neighborhoods / For Sale By Owner Denver / homes for sale / hottest market in the US

Denver metro cities with the most homes for sale.

Recently, the Denver real estate market is experiencing a bit of a cool-down. The housing market is somehow veering away from its uber-tight atmosphere and intense competition, turning from surging costs of properties to finally seeing a reduction of home prices for sale by owner Denver. The average home price is down by 2.75% and […]

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